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Diamond In The Ruff Brycie

from Brody & Pebble Litter from Brody & Pebble Litter


Hi Amber, we are enjoying Miss Penelope!! She sure is developing her own personality. What a smarty - always thinking - already figured out she has to sit to get her treat or sit when she gets her breakfast or dinner. She may have been the littlest of the litter, but dynamite comes in small packages, and so does Miss Penelope!

A note to anyone looking for a Cairn puppy, I LOVE Cairn Terriers and their personality, and I whole heartily recommend Amber and "Whites Creek Cairns". I had recently lost my two Cairns, one to old age (13 1/2 yrs) and then 19 days later had to put down my other one, as she was diagnosed with cancer. Needless to say, our whole family was heartbroken.

I started searching for a kennel or breeder of Cairns in my area and Southern California. I was hesitant using the Internet, when I care across Amber's Whites Creek Cairns". I called her and we talked about Cairns and her current litter of puppies. Amber asked several thoughtful questions about who I was, our family and our home and environment her puppy would be going to. I appreciated her concern for her puppies without being over critical of me as some kennels and breeders had been when I contacted them about the purchase of a puppy. I was not interested in the

show ring, just a forever member of our family.

I checked out the contacts that Amber gave me about herself and the Dam and Sire. I most definitely did not want a puppy from a puppy mill or someone just interested in the money. I needed to get a puppy from someone who loved the Cairn breed as much as our family does.

Amber kept us posted with weekly updates and pictures of Penelope. 9 weeks later we picked up our healthy happy puppy. She represents everything positive about the breed, full of fun, excitement, and mischief. Always clowning around; the most comical is when she goes into her cairn run, (running as fast as her little legs will go for about 3 go rounds) around the chair, behind the sofa, down the hallway, through the kitchen with this big silly grin on her face. All you can do is laugh at her!

Thank you Amber, for a healthy HAPPY Cairn, with her own personality. I can hardly wait to get her into puppy school, I'm sure she will be at the head of the class, or maybe she could run the class!! Sharon


Hello Amber, Hobbes is perhaps the funniest little addition a family could ask to receive. This dog walked into this house & became one of the family in minutes. He is darling, humorous, smart as a whip & kind to everyone. He is great with kids. He plays hard & snuggles. He loves toys and plays with our other dog., Mozart. They have become best friends like brothers. We THANK YOU for this little guy. What fun! Karla



Wryly is just great, and I am continually telling Rhonda he is exactly what I wanted for my birthday. He is the cut-est, ornry-est, smartest, and most lovable little guy you could ask for. You have enriched Rhonda, Tedi, and my life by providing us with this little guy. He couldn't be any cuter. Keep up the good work! Robert & Rhonda


Hi Amber,

Simba is fantastic. He loves his new little yard. And we are close enough to my son's school to walk so he comes with us in the morning. You can imagine how popular his is in the neighborhood - both with people and other dogs. He is a real charmer and still very sweet. Warm regards, Patty


Hi Amber,

Sunny is the most amazing little dog. She fits into our home so well we feel like she's been here for years. The cat is still mildly irritated, but has finally decided that Sunny can sit next to her, as long as she doesn't try licking!

She's smart as can be. Sunny is social and loves walking, going to the boys' baseball games, and going to the dog park. It has been much easier to adjust to having a puppy than I expected. She adores her boys and they adore her, too. Thank you so much for sending her to us. Love, Mindy, Chris, Nathan, Owen, & Madison