Whites Creek Cairns Puppy Contract We are dedicated to the raising and breeding of happy healthy Cairn Terriers. We raise our American Kennel Club (AKC) Cairn Terrier puppies in our home, where they are well socialized and whole-hardheartedly loved as our dogs are a very big part of our family. We only sell our puppies to loving homes where they will be part of your family, as well.

Fees Our Cairn Terrier puppies are available to go to their new homes at 8 weeks of age. If puppy remains in breeder's care after the "available date" specified, a $12 /day boarding fee will be charged to buyer. If arrangements have not been made to pick up puppy seven days after the "available date", the breeder will use their discretion to place the puppy elsewhere.

Payment A $200 non-refundable deposit and a signed contract is required to hold your puppy. Cash payment for the remaining $1800 is required when picking up your puppy. Puppy will remain in breeder's care until paid for in full. We do not ship our puppies. Contact for options if you are unable to travel for pick up. A puppy pack will be sent home with each puppy which includes some puppy food, toy, AKC microchip kit, puppy harness/leash and health record.

Condition of Sale Puppies are sold with AKC limited registration and a neuter contract. AKC paper will be sent once breeder receives confirmation from a veterinarian that the neuter has been completed. The breeder guarantees a health puppy until one year of age against any defect that would affect the puppy's quality of life. The breeder does not assume any liability for injuries to puppy once puppy leaves breeder's care. The breeder is not responsible for any change to coat and reserves the right to refuse sale by refunding the paid deposit and voiding the contract before the puppy is picked up. The buyer agrees to have newly acquired puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of pick up or the guarantee is not applicable. If the puppy is found to be other than healthy by the buyer's veterinarian, the puppy shall be returned to the breeder at the buyer's expense within one week. The purchase price will be refunded in full within one week of the puppy's return to the breeder. The buyer's licensed veterinarian must send breeder the health findings before the refund will be sent. If the buyer is unable to keep dog for it's lifespan, the buyer agrees to notify the breeder and allow the breeder to assist in finding a suitable new home. The buyer agrees to not place the dog in an animal shelter, another home or euthanize unless medically necessary without the consent of the breeder. Purchaser Statement The buyer agrees they are not acting as an agent in this purchase and puppy will remain in buyer's custody. The buyer further swears they are not associated with a pet store, puppy mill or animal broker.  

I, the undersigned, understand & accept the terms/conditions presented here and by signing, I am making this a binding contract.

________________(Buyer #1 Printed Name) ______________ (Signature of Buyer #1) Date__________ 

________________(Buyer #2 Printed Name) ______________(Signature of Buyer #2) Date__________

________________(Signature of Breeder) Date____________                                                                            

Buyer to receive____choice male/female puppy from litter born on  ____________ from dam _____________ & sire____________. Deposit check #  _____ received on _______ for $_________.